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The interactive tablet

Climate change is real and we can do something about it

The Bruce MuseumTaking Action on Climate Change Portable Touchscreen

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, The Bruce Museum is an art and natural history museum with a uniquely intersectional focus. We partnered with them to launch a new exhibit about climate change at their Seaside Center, located along the coast nearby. The exhibit is the result of a collaboration between Night Kitchen Interactive, Metcalfe Architecture & Design, and Universal Services Associates.

A visual guide to water level estimates over the course of the 21st century.

Located a stone’s throw away from the Long Island Sound, a weather-resistant, mobile kiosk on wheels houses a digital touchscreen with two interactives about the local climate story. These interactives expand upon touchscreens Night Kitchen produced for the Bruce’s new Natural Science Gallery and present visitors with richly-animated scenarios and illustrated climate pledges. 


One interactive, Sea Levels of the Future, presents visitors with three scenarios about future sea level rise: Our Current Path, Steps in the Right Direction, and Strict Cuts to Carbon. By tying sea level rise scenarios to local landmarks, visitors gain a clear sense of the impact of immediate climate action.

A visual guide to water level estimates over the course of the 21st century and how it affects a coastline.

In the Carbon Footprint Pledge, visitors explore options to reduce their carbon footprint and are inspired to take action in the real world. Each action is quantified with a specific amount of carbon saved, such as “Skip one flight this year” or “Line dry your laundry once per week this summer.” The interactive keeps a running tally of carbon saved to-date.

A pledge from the user, and a showcase of how may tons of carbon its saved annually.

This project was produced with support from the Make a Wish Foundation and honors Luke Meyers, a regular volunteer of the Bruce Museum's Seaside Center. Luke's fervent wish was that this exhibit would empower and inspire others to follow his lead to protect the environment and preserve the planet. 

Conference Presentation

Night Kitchen presented this project at the ASTC Annual Conference on September 12, 2022, and shared strategies for weaving climate stories throughout galleries and exhibits. Learn more on our Papers, Workshops, and Presentations page.