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South Carolina's Sea Islands engaged in a courageous “rehearsal” for Reconstruction

Free & Equal: The Promise of Reconstruction in America explores the origins of freedom for all Americans through a dynamic online education project. Night Kitchen Interactive collaborated with renowned Reconstruction scholars and local stakeholders to bring the story of the “rehearsal for reconstruction” to life.

Free and equal

This exhibition presents the origins of freedom and equality in the South Carolina Sea Islands with archival photos, documents, and a series of original illustrations created by comic book artist Eric Battle. The project includes a Visit section, featuring the Reconstruction Era National Historical Park in Beaufort County, SC, and is complemented by an AR-enhanced mobile tour app produced by Walking Cinema. 

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Men of color

To bring this story to life with accuracy and intention, our writers and designers worked closely with an advisory team of top scholars, including Gregory Downs, Eric Foner, Kate Masur, Melissa N. Stuckey, and Tara Y. White. 

A group of people


Congratulations. Very impressive.

Dr. Eric Foner, American Historian

I am blown away! This is a wonderful product. You’ve done an amazing job translating the scholarship into a web based experience.

Tara Y. White, Ph.D. Public Historian, Museum Professional, Educator

Everything looks amazing and I enthusiastically approve of the work you and the consultants have done with this project!

C. Spencer Platt, Ph.D. Interim Director of CIHE, University of South Carolina